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Never Worry About “Closing the Deal” Again When You Use Alpha S.X.Y to Stimulate a Woman’s “Pleasure Centers” Until She is Ready To Rip Your Clothes Off and

Ok, we have to admit something:  Not every new product meets the exceptionally high standards set by myself and the entire Alpha Impact team. 

With S.X.Y—well, we thought we had a complete dud.  During testing, not a single one of our “lab nerds” got lucky—in fact, they didn’t even get one phone number between all of them! 

A Total Flop, Right?

Well, we never like to admit defeat so we tested S.X.Y for an entire week—nothing.  Nada.  Nothing. 

I have to admit—I was a bit disappointed in the lab boys for their recent flop.  Our lead chemist had come to me with a “hunch” about some new formula for a body spray that would blow my mind and top anything we had tried before…

I won’t deny it—he’s a total genius and has helped create the absolute best, most effective, and most powerful line of pheromone products on the planet.  So, I caved in and told him to go forward—and he promised to deliver a new body spray that would literally stimulate instant sexual arousal in any women who inhaled it! 

In Other Words—This New Body Spray Would Stimulate Women Like Foreplay and Make Them So Horny They Just Want to Rip…Well, You Get the Idea!

And He Called It “S.X.Y”

Men—I was completely psyched.  I mean attracting women to you is one thing but actually getting them hot and simulating foreplay—my brain was exploding with the possibilities!  He told me it would take 2 months to fully develop the formula and have it ready for testing…

Two months roll by—and nothing.  Three months roll by—and still nothing.  At four months and investing double what we had budgeted—they finally had S.X.Y ready for testing…

I Was So Excited About S.X.Y—I Decided to Help Test It!

To make sure the tests are reliable and not biased by other factors, we always have the scientists and other test subjects (in this case, me!) take a shower to remove any other scents.  And no—no one is allowed to use Alpha Impact pheromone soap during testing either!  Finally, it was time for the games to begin and I had never been more excited!

But after months of waiting and nearly two weeks of testing—all we got were some nice comments about how great S.X.Y smelled.  No women were ripping their clothes off, giving out numbers, or anything even resembling the reaction our pheromone products normally produce. 

Like I said, I was disappointed in our lab nerds but they gave it their best.  Still, we were stuck with over 90 bottles of S.X.Y (even for testing, we have to make batches of at least 100 bottles).  It couldn’t be sold because it simply did not meet the Alpha Impact standards.

So I Decided To Just Give Them To the Boys In the Lab While Keeping a Couple Bottles Back For Myself…

Hey, S.X.Y may not have been up to Alpha Impact’s high standards when it came to instantly attracting the worlds’ most beautiful women—but it was still the best smelling product we had ever made!  I figured the boys could at least use S.X.Y as a car or room freshener—I mean why waste it, right? 

And that was it—I thought S.X.Y was a dead topic.  I even forgot and left my two bottles in the office…

And Then I Received The Strangest, Most Erotic e-mail Ever From a Smokin’ Hot Lesbian with the Subject Line:

S.X.Y—How Do I Order More?”

How do I order more S.X.Y—W.T.F.?!?!

Gentlemen…I just can’t describe this email for you—so I’m going to let you read it for yourselves:


Gentlemen—this is one email for the books and I can’t post the rest of it for legal reasons—but I can tell you that Dave is one lucky nerd!

But how could this be?  And who the heck was Dave and how did he get his hands on S.X.Y?  I specifically told everyone NOT to give S.X.Y to anyone because it had our label but wasn’t up to Alpha Impact standards!  Well, I headed straight for the lab to get some answers!

I found out that one of our chemists had given a bottle of S.X.Y and a bottle of “Shock and Awe” pheromone oil extract to his old college roommate—Dave!

But what had changed?  More than a dozen guys used S.X.Y for two weeks and couldn’t even get so much as a phone number—and Dave uses it to cover up a dog fart and winds up in a threesome with a pair of hot lesbians!  It made no sense…

I Needed To Talk To Dave and Get to the Bottom of this Threesome!

I had to find out what could drive two lesbians to do such things—because if it could do that to Tara and Tiffany—well, what could it do to 99% of the other women out there? 

Finally, Dave called me back and gave me the dirt…

“Doron—they practically raped me after I sprayed that S.X.Y—and then they took the bottle with them!”

But it didn’t make any sense.  Dave didn’t put any of the S.X.Y on himself.  He didn’t put anything else on or do anything when he got the bottle of S.X.Y out of the bathroom.  I just couldn’t understand what had caused Tiffany and Tara to instantly ravage Dave when he sprayed the S.X.Y….

And Then I Remembered the “Shock and Awe”!’

Dave had put on “Shock and Awe” earlier in the day to help him with a job interview (he got the job!)—and it apparently had little affect upon Tiffany and Tara…Until Dave sprayed the S.X.Y and “kick started” Tara and Tiffany’s sex drive! 

That’s why it never worked for us in the tests—because we showered and removed all other Alpha Impact products so we didn’t “contaminate” the results.  

After doing a LOT more testing, we discovered that S.X.Y essentially “supercharges” all of our other pheromone products (like Shock & Awe) and stimulates the “pleasure centers” in a woman’s mind—basically simulating the effects of foreplay! 

Our Alpha Impact Pheromone Products Enhance Your Masculine Energy and Attract the Women To You…


And S.X.Y. “Closes the Deal” by Stimulating Her “Pleasure Centers” and Getting Her All Hot and Bothered!


It’s As Simple as 1-2-3!


Step 1:

Apply Any Alpha Impact Product

Step 2:  

Add S.X.Y Room Spray Clouds

Step 3: 

You Get The






Attract Beautiful Women


Close The Deal





Adding S.X.Y to the power of other Alpha Impact pheromone products is like adding gasoline to a fire—the results are explosive and 100% predictable. 

In fact, we’ll be happy to put that in writing!

Alpha Impact Guarantees S.X.Y Will Help You “Close the Deal”!


Gentlemen, S.X.Y is by far our most impressive accomplishment because it actually helps simulate the effects of foreplay and put women in the mood unlike anything you have ever seen!  If it helped a nerd like Dave score with two hot lesbians…just imagine what it could for you! 


To your success, men!

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Doron Sanders

Alpha Club Founder, Creator


P.S. - this product is not yet for commercial sale, shoot us an email if you want to be one of the first to try this out.



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